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Jun 23, 2008
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Rezoning application submitted for a seniors life lease residential retirement
complex and community centre associated with the St. Paul's Senior Centre including 4 residential towers at 25 / 20 / 8 / 8 storey heights

A preliminary City Planning staff report was considered in January 2007 ([url][/URL]

There is a neat interior courtyard proposed within this complex, also shown on the ground floor plan. Pretty well composed senior's living complex me thinks. :)

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Thanks for posting, Solaris. (I had wanted to start a thread on this project after seeing a full page ad in last Sunday's Ming Pao, but I was never able to find any renderings of it online).

What I really like about this project is that it really meets the street well (a bit like another seniors' condo project in Scarborough, Mon Sheong Court) and the massing of the towers is appropriate. Though not a landmark project, it should stand out from the slab towers that this stretch of Sheppard (between Pharmacy and Warden) is known for.

Interesting to note on the site plan that Sheppard has an LRT ROW and a bike lane. However, this complex is clearly designed with density for a subway, not LRT!
I attended the Design Review Panel's first look at this development back on Tuesday and I thought I'd provide an update.

To start off there was some history of the proposal. The first proposal (shown above) failed because the city and the developer were unable to agree on section 37 deals. Since then, there has been the Sheppard-Warden Avenue Study and the developer has updated its site plan to reflect this. The biggest change is that there is now a public street running north-south along at the western border which connects to another public street running east-west in the northern section between the mid-rises and the townhouses. The eastern tower is to be rental units and the western tower as well as the rest are to be condos. The DRP was extremely receptive to the proposal. The largest criticism was that the new courtyard/cul-de sac in the centre might be too small for loading vehicles. There were also a few jokes made at the site's unfortunate location next to a funeral home.

The DRP unanimously voted for refining.
Retail facing Sheppard still ?
WOW impressive ... 4.5 years later, this proposal skyrockets from 20s to 33s ... wonder what triggered the new height ?
Here's a crisper version.



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Comparing this pile to the Harmony Village in Barrie is like night and day. The former will be a forgettable piece of dated architecture that will fade into obscurity, while the latter will become a revolutionary urban oasis for a senior's lifestyle community. Any of the runner-up concepts for the HV design competition would have been light years ahead of this.
What happened to the avenues policy of building mid-rise along roads like Sheppard?

Great question because ive been arguing forever if St. Clair is seeing mid rise to high rise development then all the LRT routes will surely see majority highrise construction especially Eglinton around the underground stations.