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Promenade is in a dire state. Huge tenant turnover. Any new tenants are little independent stores. Looks like Thornhill Square or Shops on Steeles.

I wouldn't be surprised if they propose full demolition of the mall.

It is one of the most beautiful mall structures in the GTA. Just sad what happened to it.
New items in PlanIt for a 6 storey office building on what is currently surface parking on the east side (Bathurst St.) of the mall. Renderings and other docs are up online, but here are some screenshots of it. Re-orienting of the perimeter mall road (Promenade circle), as well as some of the internal connecting streets, to better connect with the future High St. being built with the first two buildings.

This new building, and adjacent park, are apparently phase 3, however, there are no docs up yet of a phase 2. This phase also includes a larger renovation of the main mall entrance.
Screenshot 2022-08-09 130924.png
Screenshot 2022-08-09 131123.png
Screenshot 2022-08-09 131045.png
Screenshot 2022-08-09 131013.png

QUICK EDIT: I forgot to add this image of the "Future long term plan" of the mall lands, and the many, many, many different phases 'envisioned' for this site. IMO, too many buildings for an area so car dependent (VIVA BRT running once every 20 minutes isn't good enough).
Screenshot 2022-08-09 132010.png
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