sounds great. Those hideous "pawn shops" are disgusting. but where is your source?
No love loss

90 queen east.PNG
This area has certainly gone downhill since 1925 (Cooke Presbyterian Church on other corner.)
Description posted:
Zoning By-law Amendment to facilitate redevelopment of the site with a 34-storey mixed-use building, with a mechanical floor wrapped with residential units. Total height 107.95 metres to the top of the wrapped mechanical penthouse. The building will include a 3-storey base element that incorporates retention of the four storey Richard Bigley building (98 Queen St E) and the three storey facades of 100 to 104 Queen Street East. 356 dwelling units, total proposed gross floor area is 23,848.0 square metres, of which 339.0 square metres is retail space and community space located on the first floor.
I can live w/removal of the three most westerly properties, which are, charitably, non-descript; though I would like a nicely scaled (at street level) replacement which is compatible w/the balance of the block.

I think the loss of everything behind the facades on the most easterly part of the assembly would be unfortunate, to say the very least.

Absent a rendering, I'm unclear on the vision, but the suggestion appears to be full preservation at 98 Queen East, while building a 34-storey building.

Unless there is some sort of density transfer involved, one might read that to imply they intend to go over 98, in-situ.

I can't say I'm keen on that notion. Some history can be saved by a tower o'er the top.

But much of it can be lost in just the same way; including profound de-contextualization.
The tower looks great, the section where tower meets the podium looks unimaginative and the large brick tower in the middle of the podium looks like a 1980's Mo-Po left over.

But again, the tower, with its colour accents, is great.
The proportions of the tower seem off, and the roof feels unresolved. They also need to also figure out how to make the building and podium interact in a more graceful manner.

But the podium looks good, and compliments and consolidates the streetscape, which is the most important thing IMO. Also like what everyone else is saying, it's good to see a tower which isn't all pretend glass (aka glass and spandrel).