Was curious about the rates at the Trump vs. other hotels.

Checked the Trump hotel website for the rate for a room on Wednesday December 19th (one night, two adults). The lowest rate offered was $495. By comparison, for the same reservation, the Four Seasons was $495, the Shangri-La was $460 and the Ritz-Carlton was $425.

Meanwhile, the Marriott Eaton Centre was $209, Toronto Hilton was $199, Hyatt Regency (on King) was $199, Intercontinental (Yorkville/Downtown) was $184.50/$179, Royal York was $179, Sheraton Centre was $169.

So there's quite a difference in price between the 5-star luxury and 4-star business class hotels.

This is about the difference as well between 4 and 5 star hotels in Europe. Roughly double the rate.
You can have a five star luxury hotel but the price points are ultimately determined by economics, supply and demand. Trump Tower has received mixed reviews and this article below implies that occupancy rates are well below what is planned.



Any hotel will take time to fill and be recognized unless there is an event such as TIFF which will fill most rooms in the city. I think in fairness Trip Advisor lists Trump as #1 in Toronto...just saying. There is a difference between "investment" and staying at the hotel as far as evaluating the hotel. I believe most of the mixed reviews here are referring to the "investment potential".
The occupancy rates are far lower than the projections the investors were shown and the rates much lower ($600/month is what I understand they were being told).

One other issue if you believe the "experts": By getting 4 new large 5 star hotels this should make the city more of a destination for both the business traveller and for conferences. I don't know if that is spin but presumably as 4S ramps up and the SL gets to occupancy and get their growing pains behind them, occupancy will ramp up and perhaps with that the rates as well...
After (god knows how) many years, the scaffolding along Adelaide in front of Scotia Plaza is finally gone!
So when is that light feature going to start working? You would have thought by now, they would have worked the bugs out.

The problem is that rising maintenance costs and exorbitant property taxes have cost investors more than they expected. Revenue from the hotel was supposed to offset rising property costs, but the Star adds "buyers say they’ve been told hotel occupancy is running anywhere from 10 to 50 percent and room rates are averaging about $300 per night instead of the $600 and up Talon had originally touted."

Hotels do take time to ramp up but this one is looking dismal. There may also be an oversupply of 5-star rooms in the city.
That article is a month old now, and we've already gone all through that round of news. Sorry, but I am weary of it. Further talk about the Trump's real estate troubles should take place in the real estate thread for the Trump, not here.

With respect to reviews of the hotel, it seems to be doing well. #1 hotel in Toronto on TripAdvisor with excellent reviews on Expedia and Hotels.com.
Yea, the reviews on this hotel are pretty good. Does anyone know if they will be finishing of the spire yet. i mean it looks ugly. Same goes with the lighting that hasn't been lit fora while.
I've always been a fan of this project and think it's a great addition to the city.

I wonder if the poor weather lately has anything to do with the delays on the finishing touches.

What I wouldn't pay to see a copy of the project plan for Trump. They've been working on those "finishing touches" for months and months and months, and the weather didn't really turn sour until very recently (with the exception of the days the remnants of Sandy blew through). I never thought the hotel would have been approaching its one year anniversary of being open and still have scaffolding and chunks of glass missing. I understand the inside is just fine and gorgeous, but sheesh....
that ridiculous, ill-conceived, oversized, clumsy, pretentious, THICK, "spire" will always render this building a joke. it does the exact opposite of what a spire is intended to do--which is gracefully guide the eyes skyward.
there's no getting around it. it's too big, too wide, too tall, and it has what appears to be a giant drain plug lodged at the bottom of it.

had it looked even remotely like what the developers were selling it might have had a fighting chance, but the renders completely misrepresented what they intended to do.