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Apr 24, 2007
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Anyone have any idea what happened to the supposed proposal to develop the buildings between the Esplanade and Front Street (at the SW corner of Church)? There used to be a city notice up on those buildings regarding a residential development. I think it was to be two towers.
Its one building. I think they wanted 20 floors or so. Was then reduced when the locals and the city objected. I think its a 14 at this point.

Original ideas. Both were rejected AFAIK.





I guess that's okay. Doesn't look particularly attractive, and I don't think it will be any kind of improvement for the neighbourhood. At least it doesn't loom over the Flatiron building quite as much as in the original proposal.
Looks fine to me, indeed it may very well be an improvement at street level. The red brick looks like an appropriate choice. The tower doesn't seem quite as looming over Front either. The project has displaced my favorite FlyFishing shop over to QueenE, so maybe that's a sign that this project is going ahead.
Five Corners - 51-61 Front St

Came across this at the Concert properties website:


Five Corners
51 - 61 Front Street East
6 - 16 Church Street
Toronto Ontario
Canada M5E 1B5

The development is currently in the process of receiving Site Plan Approval
Sales are anticipated to commence in fall 2007

Concert proposes an 11-storey terraced midrise with up to 149 luxury condominium suites, retail units at grade and the reconstruction of a heritage facade. The Five Corners is located in the historic St. Lawrence Neighbourhood just three blocks east of Union Station at the junction of Front, Wellington and Church Streets.
Wow, I really like that. This is the sort of development St. Lawrence Market (and the Distillery District for that matter) should be seeing. Respect for context and environment... what a concept.
I noticed that site update a few weeks back.

It has been scaled back even more, now at 149 units and 11 stories.

I am wondering if 149 units is the total of both the phase 1 and phase 2 of the development.

It will be interesting to see the price/sq footage given L towers recent success.