A few cell phone pics from this morning...



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Looks like this happened at the Berczy this morning.


A construction worker in his 50s has been rushed to hospital after falling down a hole while working on a construction site Thursday morning.

The scene of the accident is near Church and Front streets in downtown Toronto.

According to Emergency Medical Services, the man was working in the hole when he lost his balance and fell about 10 feet below, hitting his head on the way down. He landed about 35 feet below ground.

Construction crews then used their own gear, including a crane, to pull the man from the pit. He was said to be conscious and breathing but he was bleeding.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating the incident
yep, just saw this on the CBC evening news... I wonder how much construction will be delayed by the investigation? hopefully the guy will be alright.
Concert answered my question aboutthe injured worker. They report their contractor has told them the workers injuries were of a minor nature and a full recovery is expected. Nothing specific in that reply but at least they did respond.