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Apr 7, 2009
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Stanton Renaissance has purchased the historic James Street Baptist Church on James South @ Jackson, one block north of the Hamilton GO Centre.

They plan on tearing down the back 2/3 of the church, saving the facade, then building a tower (floor count unknown) behind:



Website: http://stantonrenaissance.com/portfolio/donec-ullamcorper/
Hmmm just realized this is the same Developer as Mimico on the GO! Looks like they have a liking for GO-related developments!
Wow, a cool yellow imposed over a monotone photograph. What an unflattering way to depict the project. Looks putrid.

Wonder how tall the tower component is intended to be.
Wow, a cool yellow imposed over a monotone photograph. What an unflattering way to depict the project. Looks putrid.

Wonder how tall the tower component is intended to be.

30 floors.

This is obvi a prelim render for approval purposes. Stay tuned for better-detailed renders as the project progresses.

Rumour has it the back 2/3 of the Church will be demo'd in March.
Just for the record, I believe that the church has been plagued by serious structural issues which have motivated this kind of solution.

(Note: just reporting, not endorsing.)
Its unfathomable how anyone in their right mind could demolish such a beautiful structure.

Hamilton developer working to save James Street Baptist Church bell tower, wall
Work will begin next week inside the former James Street Baptist Church to shore up historic elements that will be integrated into a new 30-storey tower.

In about three weeks, what developer Louie Santaguida of Stanton Renaissance calls a “physical dismantlement†of the rear three-quarters (15,370 square feet) of the church will begin.

A demolition permit for the building — which carries a heritage designation — was cleared by the city last week, and construction barriers were put around the property.

The Plan......James Street Baptist Church Condominium, Hamilton
Interestingly enough, a note from somone involved in this project in the link above:

archimatect said:
Disclosure: I work for the architecture firm responsible for the design of this building.

Unfortunately, after years and years of not being maintained there wasn't much that could be done with a majority of the structure. That is, without spending tens of millions of dollars (which people weren't exactly lining up to do). Much of the building was actually on the verge of collapse and it wasn't uncommon for the Reverend to enter his office in the morning to find pieces of the building on his desk that had fallen from above.

To answer your concern about what is being saved, there is quite a lot being saved. Many of the windows are being saved - check out the images from yesterdays HUGE accomplishment of removing a beautiful, two-and-a-half storey transept window completely intact! (Did you see it? It's incredibly impressive). The church trustees were so happy with the result, they hugged the workers and architects. Some of the shingles and stone are also being reclaimed to be used in the design.

I agree, it is sad that this building is coming down, but the majority was past the point of being saved (some of the north wall was actually dismantled by hand.) It's just the reality of it.

But, the good news is that a third of the building is being saved (and restored at a great cost). A retail portion going in on the ground floor will open up the building so that it can be enjoyed from the interior, as well as the exterior, seven days a week by everyone, instead of just once a week by a small group of people.

I promise you that the people working on this care about Hamilton and about this building, and are doing their best to design something that will enrich the city. I hope that by the time the building is finished, you will feel that that has been accomplished.


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