They should open a restaurant on the ground floor. Then you can dine out at the Dineen!

Thank you. I'm here until Saturday.

IIRC there was a burger place on the ground leve, at least a few years ago. I remember as I was working in Scotia Plaza at a company I hated and I would go out with a coworker for a burger and several beers every Friday afternoon to dull the pain.
I miss the "Temperance Society Bar" sign.

I don't miss the Temperance Society Bar.
The Preservation Board slightly amended the recommendation and it goes to Council in mid-July; The revised recommendation is at:
Final recommendation is:
1. City Council approve the rooftop addition at 2 Temperance Street in accordance with the Elevations and Cornice Details dated March 19, 2012, and the Street View Renderings and Streetscape View Renderings dated May 2, 2012, all prepared by Shoalts Engineering, George Robb Architect and Empire Restoration Canada , subject to the following conditions:

a. Prior to the issuance of any heritage permit the owner shall:

i. Submit final building permit plans and drawings for the rooftop addition and rear elevator structure, including revisions to the glass panels to relate to the heritage building, satisfactory to the Acting Manager, Heritage Preservation Services;

ii. Submit final specifications for the conservation work, satisfactory to the Acting Manager, Heritage Preservation Services; and

iii. Provide a Letter of Credit in a form and amount satisfactory to the Acting Manager, Heritage Preservation Services to secure the approved conservation work.

b. Prior to the release of the Letter of Credit, the owner shall provide an exterior lighting plan and a certificate of completion prepared by a qualified heritage consultant confirming that the conservation work has been completed in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications to the satisfaction of the Acting Manager, Heritage Preservation Services.
A minor detail, but from the photos there it does not appear they are planning to restore the cornice to be quite as impressive as the original.

Looks that way, though I'm really pleased to see the cornice restored at all. So many old buildings around town have rotting cornices which you know will likely just get torn off or covered up with crappy aluminum during the next budget reno. I find the cornice such a visually important element of prewar architecture, like a good hat. Cornices make me happy.
Another "not as impressive as the original" case: the Burroughes Building at Queen + Bathurst.
The rooftop seems like a good permanent home for South of Temperance (North of Temperance now?).
Dineen Building Renovation (Yonge & Temperance)

Interior view, 05, July:
Does any one know what happened to the "Rooster" that was above the door?

There use to be a model of a Rooster above the door but it disappeared about 3 years ago.

I don't know wheter it was removed by the owners to preserve it or if it was appropriated by the forces of evil. ‹(•Â¿•)›
This is the first I'm hearing of this restoration and I'm thrilled. I've admired this neglected little beauty for years and was convinced that it would be facing the wrecking ball soon due to neglect or "progress".