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fiendish - hilarious - but then, you're an information professional, so you wouldn't end up in blind alleys advertising merely foodstores, would you?
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Once the Glas condos are finished, the King/Charlotte/Spadina/Oxley block will be architecturally powerful.
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Victory is going to change the block even more.

Although it is over 4-5 years and in spite of many nearby new condos, Hudson still remains hot commodity in the area. M5V did not affect hudson since HUDSON is still more spacious for the price and its corner location.
One of the best from the last decade. The one that started the condo boom at King and Spadina. We need more brick buildings like this.
Looks quite dull if you ask me. Was and still is overpriced. I had a few friends living there and the streetcar noise was always quite bad.. although they had a long respite from that with the Spadina streetcar track upgrade. Don't understand what all the praise is for.
For residents, this is one of the best buildings on the west side of downtown. It isn't overpriced, there's a reason it has held its value while condos have literally gone up all around it.
Quality is good, both inside units and the common areas. Location is obviously excellent and noise really isn't that bad considering where it is (corner of two streetcar lines). If you have a unit facing the courtyard it is actually exceptionally quiet. Only real downside is area traffic, but hey, what would you expect for that location? Also the architecture isn't exactly out of this world, but was ahead of its time when built and actually features real materials such as brick instead of just glass and spandrel (again, lends to the quality of it). If it was built today it would look quite new.

Spent a lot of time here as I was dating someone who lived in the building.