Interesting. The mall was completely forgettable for me. Apparently I had gone to see a film there in 1992 when there were cinemas but have absolutely no recollection of ever being there prior to moving to the area in 2014.

My guess is that the mall administration didn't know, or even think to ask, what was being filmed. They probably heard, "hey it is a National Film Board documentary" and that was all.

From a purely anecdotal perspective, it does seem that the mall is busier. I don't know if it is the Wal-Mart effect or just all the high rises on the south side of Eglinton being fully completed but on my last few trips in off peak times it has been busier. And that was before Cineplex opened in mid May.
My wife likes this mall because she says it’s empty. That said we used to live beside Yorkdale which I loved and she thought was a zoo. We now live near square one which I thought was a happy medium. But she drives out to Erin mills for the less busyness.
July 25


Anyone have any update pictures? Curious to see how its coming along, especially those big courtyards.
From late December: