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Mar 8, 2010
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Hope the brick and cornices are well executed, otherwise this is looking pretty solid so far.
This is the developer's second new build project, and first project not involving any heritage restoration, but they have otherwise done some great heritage restorations around Hamilton so I'm hopeful.

Their one other new build is Templar Flats, which is absolutely excellent:


Love it!

Looks like one of the midrise condos along Hamilton Street in Yaletown, Vancouver (around Davie street)
Why couldnt these windows and french doors be the standard for midrises, instead of window wall spandrel panels?

Im sure it's more affordable than curtainwall , and it looks great.
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I want to like this one so badly but something about it just feels off to me - I think it's the windows. The Juliet balconies just do not work here.
personally, I quite like it. Simple box massing, nicely detailed down to the window selection, and the commercial unit is a good quality space which once open with restaurant patio and all it will a very positive addition to the area. I'm more torn on its use as an AirBnB hotel, but even then, I think 40 hotel rooms will do more overall for Hamilton's vibrancy than 40 residential units would have.

An Oakville-based restaurant has taken the ground floor space: