Crazy to me that just a few bolts are strong enough to hold up a piece of cladding and withstand all the forces that act on it!
if those are 3/4 anchor bolts they are likely capable of withstanding more then 5000 lbs direct pull out force into that concrete... those panels weigh nothing close to that, and their is 4 of them
From early this afternoon




Trying not to be repetitive here - but here are some more shots of the new panels, after being placed today, Tuesday (Nov 29). Views showing the complete side, and some workers way up. Talked to a few of the workers after this, mentioned I photographed the CN Tower when it was being built - and one of the guys with a thick Scottish burr had worked on it! He told a few anecdotes about the CN Tower, and said that the next layer of cladding will soon follow, presumably once they get to the next level up the completed cladding will be added. We shall see. He also said that, down the road, there is some cage technique they will be using to attach those panels when they get a lot higher...

It's from my new phone's (S21) camera. The ultra-wide setting is wonderful!
Well...I must be mistaken, as this person appear to have an expensive camera as opposed to cell phone device. So it could been jer1961-san or someone even unrelated to this it's just that this person in question was standing on the that exact north-east spot of Bloor and Yonge in taking that iconic angle around that same time. And I wondered then if that shot would end up here...

...but that's not really important. As shot you have taken is not demeaned otherwise in documentation nor quality. To which is all very much that Mr. Mizrahi may want you scrub out those tags of yours you left on this building. <3

2 things:
1. The penthouse is on the 82nd floor (I'm assuming that's the first floor of the multi-level unit) and it's over 1100 ft? The One won't reach 1100 ft unless the extra height is approved, but then the first floor of the penthouse will be on the 91st floor

2. The article was published 2 days ago and yet the broker "couldn't disclose the name of the hotel yet". Wasn't it announced like at least 3 years ago? Or has Andaz pulled out?
Would love to hear those anecdotes!
Not much to tell, really, as I am not as well-versed in construction details as many here are. But after I mentioned I took photos of the bracket forms being pulled up in August 1974, he told us - his fellow workers included - about setting up the slip forms for the CN Tower and testing them and someone deciding to raise them too soon - with all the concrete sloshing out as a result. Come to think, this would likely have been early 1973 - nearly at the 50th anniversary of the start of construction!