Finally got around to this project.
April 23rd
Not sure if this is a typo on the OLT website, as there was already an OLT case # assigned for this project (OLT-22-004125), with a merit hearing scheduled for November 14, 2023; however, they also have another OLT case # listed (OLT-23-000172), with no hearings scheduled. Perhaps this second case # deals with other issues not addressed by the initial case #?
On September 6, 2023, the applicant provided a formal with prejudice settlement offer to the City of Mississauga for the Revised Proposal (described below). If City Council accepts the settlement offer and the Revised Proposal later this month, they will be requesting that the OLT convert the Hearing into a one (1) day Settlement Hearing.

Revised Proposal

The revised proposal is for a three (3) tower residential development with heights of 18, 25 and 16 storeys. The Revised Proposal consists of the following main revisions from the current proposal before the OLT:
  • General:
    • 27.5 m tower separations have been provided for between the three buildings.
    • Minimum 15 m setbacks from lot lines for Buildings 1 and 2.
  • Building 1:
    • The building steps back within the northern angular plane with a 5 storey-base at the north, 9 storeys in the middle, and 18 storeys at the south end.
  • Building 2:
    • The building height has been lowered to 25 storeys from 32 storeys.
  • Building 3:
    • The building height has been reduced to 16 storeys from 20 storeys.
    • The 16th floor has been set back in conformance with a 45-degree angular plane from the south side of the widened (42 m) Dundas Street West right-of-way.