You know those GM, Ford, et al commercials over the years that showed these pickups crossing over impossible terrain? Well here's one when that didn't work out so well... >.<
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Going the wrong direction on a one-way street, also into the bike lane and thought the barrier was possible to traverse. What a sequence!
Given hood heights nowadays I wouldn’t be shocked if drivers of large pickups can’t see the barrier edge.

That said - true incompetence on display here.
Monday, March 4 - 19 Duncan looking good in the sunshine.

…and we have marketing, with a name:

TorontoHouse HeroS960.jpg

We'll change the thread title soon, just give people a little time to get used to the building's new moniker.

I think this one deserves to be "HPA House" to thank the firm for almost all of the great on-going and recent builds downtown. ;)

As for using the rendering to market the name... the built tower looks better (when does that happen?) so duh ... use a photo. There' a thousand good ones here.