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Apr 23, 2007
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from Daily Commercial News, Vaughan Corporate Centre Station...

SUBWAY STATION Proj: 9092076-3

Vaughan Corporate Centre Subway, Hwy 7, Millway Dr, L6A 1T1
$20,000,000 est

Note: Tender for Contractors to complete cut and cover and track to connect Spadina to the Wilson Yard has been issued, report number 9104634. Arch is undertaking preliminary Station concept plans and design. An Information Session will be held by the Owner for interested Design/Build Contractors and Consortia December 4, 2009. INFORMATION is available at www.ttc.ca. Owner expects to issue a Design/build/Bid proposals for Consortia to complete Working drawings and Contract management Summer 2010. Individual Consortia will be awarded late 2010. Tender and construction schedules will are undetermined. Further update late Summer, 2010.
Project: proposed construction of a new subway station as part of the expansion of the Spadina subway line followed under report number 1309236. The project will have a double track and concourse level and a passenger level. Commuter parking and a bus platform will also be included.

Scope: 2 storeys; 2 storeys below grade
Development: New
Category: Passenger terminals; Retail, wholesale services

Looking at that brought a question to mind. One of the advantages to this station existing (since there still seems to be a lot of debate over that ;) ) would seem to me to be that aside from bringing the subway into Vaughan and, hopefully, prompting some transit focused developement in the burbs, is that the connection to another transit system (namely Brampton Transit) is much easier. Presumably this will be the connecting point for BT (either regular buses or zum) to the TTC.

The bus bays shown in these renderings specifically say "VIVA bus platforms"....is that just because that is the known system? Will zum be able to use these bays also? Are the vehicles under consideration for zum similar enough to VIVA buses that they could use the same platforms?
Wow. The city of Vaughan wants to change the name to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station. VCC seems to role off the tongue better than VMC.

Instead maybe it should follow suit of other stations and be termed as Vaughan City Centre station instead? - I'm sure someone has suggested this already.
Even after a 'metropolitanization,' VCC station is still cheaper than the Yonge & Steeles station will be!

You're all having a cow about an added 2km, even though it was go 2km farther or build nothing at all.
The Vaughan Corporate Centre station is to discussed at the next TTC meeting.

Interesting before and after surrounding development of the area:

On opening day:

and after Transit Oriented Development:
It is an attractive station plan and if development goes as envisioned then Millway may turn into a bit of a shopping district. Interesting that the bus terminal (for non VIVA routes I presume) will be developed after the station.
I'm really interested in seeing the actual rederings of the inside. I want to see the station finishes, which will be released next year. I'm especially interested in the platform design. Hopefully They'll keep the names on the walls, use the TTC Font, and sandblast them in! I don't like how they did downsviews name at platfor level, lower case and painted?
If they're serious about what they're planning to do, VMC might actually end up turning into a respectable little urban node. Having seven knockout panels means that it might be the single most integrated station in the entire network. The knockouts would also encourage any development at the node to be at least minimally urban (having knockouts won't do developers any good if they build typical 905 office parks with the parking out toward the street)
At the same time, it is hard to imagine a city centre subway station that hosts 18-bay bus terminal and a passenger pickup area (yorkregion.com):

... While TTC will operate the subway, York Region will run the 18-bay bus terminal above ground for which plans are still being finalized.

The station includes a passenger pick up and drop off area as well as connections to Viva and YRT routes. ...

It will be more like Finch station rather than North York Centre station...