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Aug 29, 2020
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Apologies if this thread already exists (I did look for one, but I am no Scooby Doo)

This was in Vaughan council meeting docs from earlier this week. It's 2 towers, and 1 two storey podium (connected to another tower by a five storey podium), for block 4S in VMC, which is directly south-west of the currently under-construction Festival condos.

Pictures are attached below. Let the discussions begin! (I personally really like these, as a Vaughan resident anyways).
Attachment 6 - OP.22.010, Z.22.019, DA.22.031 - Perspective Rendering.jpg
Attachment 4 - OP.22.010, Z.22.019, DA.22.031 - Landscape Plan.jpg
Attachment 5 - OP.22.010, Z.22.019, DA.22.031 - Context Model.jpg

PS: I find it really funny that with every 'fancy' VMC master plan that gets put out, with the parks and streetscapes and everything, there is still a massive Ikea with a massive parking lot there. Just really weird planning.


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May 20, 2007
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@ryanbruins17 I don't believe we have any existing thread for this one.

@interchange42 is there any way we can maybe put the VMC Masterplan Image in the front of each of the applicable threads to help people clarify which thread, is about which block?

One challenge, if searching is that the Blocks are all defined by a single number, then, often a designators like north/south which may be read as N or S; plus we all tend to use VMC, even in thread titles, and the search function doesn't work for that (too short).

A further complication is that as projects become branded with names, we tend to use the name in the thread title in lieu of and without the block designation.

Perhaps we could also standardize the thread titles to Project Name | VMC Block XX | etc.

I'm not stuck on any of that, but I must admit its a pain to keep straight which block is which a the moment, especially when the future street grid is as yet largely incomplete.