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Jun 23, 2008
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Has anyone heard news or have any details on this new Conservatory Group project?

I only know it will be located on the south side of Lake Shore Blvd, east of Park Lawn and immediate west of the Nautilus site.

Here is a site plan concept I found from Conservatory's landscape architect website for the project ... my guess would be a tall building (comparable to Nautilus?) at the centre of the site, an office commercial component towards Lake Shore Blvd, and a midrise (~15 storeys) closer to the lake along Marine Parade Drive ... just a thought

Haven't heard anything about this project, but it's on the site of two 40's/50's motels that were demolished in the past few weeks, which I documented with photos ;)

I can't say that I'm expecting great architecture...this area seems to be striving to become Toronto's "Little Dubai".

The Conservatory Group purchased the property earlier this year: 2143 - 2147 Lake Shore Boulevard. "Hillcrest Motel†& “North American Motelâ€
Preliminary Project Review submitted

this suggests what may be to come on this site .... and is consistent to the site plan shown above


Building Application Status
Application: Zoning Review
Status: Not Started

Ward 6: Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Application#: 08 191284 ZPR 00 ZR
Accepted Date: Aug 8, 2008

Project: Multiple-Use Building New Building

Description: PUBLIC - PRELIMINARY PROJECT REVIEW, Due Date is 08-SEP-08,

Proposal to develop this property with two residential towers and one commercial tower. "Tower A" is 14 storey residential building, "Tower B" is a 50 storey residential building, and "Tower C" is a 5 storey commerical building
Proposal to develop this property with two residential towers and one commercial tower. "Tower A" is 14 storey residential building, "Tower B" is a 50 storey residential building, and "Tower C" is a 5 storey commerical building

A 50-storey tower will rise quite substantially over all the over towers. I am undecided if this height in this location will work or not. I think that its success from a non-development perspective will depend on what the rest of the neighourhood will develop into.
being that this is my 'hood - the North American / Hillcrest were levelled for the Monarch/Nautilus development that is currently under construction (pit being excavated... crane to go up i'm certain before end of month).

I was under the impression that Monarch had the entire row south of lakeshore right to the Esso station at Parklawn but I could be wrong.

Link above indicates Lions Demolition which has some signage just west of Nautilus and on the site of Nautilus as well (they handled the demolition of the hotels). My gut says it'll be where the SilverMoon hotel once stood.

City of Toronto minutes has this link with more info:

While nothing is indicated specifically in the Humber master plan, some good insight as to the future on page 40 and 43:
thanks guy for the Humber Bay Shores Masterplan ...

FYI ... Monarch's land holdings extend westerly only to where the Nautilus / Waterscapes site is ...

per BMyers post above, Conservatory Group owns the 2143-2143 Lake Shore Blvd W lands which were formerly "Hillcrest Motel†& “North American Motelâ€, which I believe is immediate west of the Monarch site

some images from the Masterplan to show the context of Waterways & Waterscape in the Humber Bay Shores community ... for reference Nautilus would be the yellow coloured building in the centre


Wow that's quite the addition to the area.
I would love to live here actually. It's a really great area, and so close to downtown. The only thing it really needs is a faster way to get downtown, or west.
i have a friend brought a unit at nautilus, facing west on the 30's floor, will the new building blocking his view?
judging from this plan, a west facing unit in Nautilus would have some of its view block by the potential 50 storeys Conservatory Group tower, as Nautilus is the Yellow tower in the centre, Conservatory's tower would approximately be located where the oval shape is to the left of that ~ but it seems that Conservatory is going for a square-ish tower


wow... this looks amazing... i love it... hopefully these eco crisis won't delay these projects by a few years...
MODs ... can this thread maybe be renamed ? :)

Waterways @ 2143+2147 Lake Shore Blvd W (Humber Bay Shores, Conservatory, 50s)
i must say, Conservatory Group is one of the WORST builders i've encounter....purchased at XO (Yonge/Sheppard)....the quality was soo bad i can't think of a word to describe it....what a waste of that great location.

some obvious ones are:
8ft ceiling in Penthouse units
wooden countertop
cheap appliances