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The "design associates" at Tanner Hill must have a cat fight over who would get to do the redrum. That kind of over the top decor is pure fantasy. Of course that is what they are selling more than anything. But that bedroom is not restful at all. It's for the birds really. Oh, and the ladybugs too.
missisauga is becoming more urban as the years go by. ill say it again just for the hell of it, i hate rob ford!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont think the decor is over the top at all... some people really do live that way. The only one I dont like as a matter of personal taste is the pink "Country Glamour' design.

The podium portion of the building looks quite attractive but man, the main body of the tower is meh and lid on this thing is quite ugly. I kind of wish they had repeated the white framing of the podium on the tower portion. I think it just ends up looking like a chopped up / diminished version of donwtown's Success Tower.
Wait - will owners really be allowed to put up non-white window coverings?

Oh - and those ladybugs have got to go.