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I think you said that if they don't get the new Line 2 rolling stock, and instead rehab the T1s, then "Then the TTC will need new, more rigorous design standards for their track and structures to handle the heavier equipment".

I'm not sure what Line 2 track and structures you are referring to then, if it's not the Line 2 extension currently under construction.
I said nothing of the sort.

You made the comment about ordering equipment that lasts longer. To last longer will require it to have weight added (stronger trucks, stronger traction motors, higher rated drive equipment, etc). If you make the trains heavier, you may also require all of the stuff around and underneath the trains to get strengthened to account for that.

Continuing with discussion about Line 2 replacements, when is the deadline for TTC to place orders with the current RFP? I thought it was Q2 2024? At that point I believe TTC will have to issue another RFP?
I'm sympathetic........ we all make typos, myself included................but just have to laugh.


TTC Potential Labour Disruption on April 22​

The TTC is committed to keeping our customers and employees apprised of any updates related to ongoing negotiations with CUPE Local 2 (electrical skilled trades).

We encourage you to visit this website for the most current updates.

Update for April 19, 2024​

This weekend, teams from the TTC and CUPE Local 2 will continue bargaining to reach a new collective agreement in order to avoid job action and potential service disruptions. Local 2 has set a deadline of 12:01 a.m. Monday (Sunday midnight) to reach a deal.

The following is a bargaining update statement from TTC CEO Rick Leary:

Talks have been productive and professional and I’m pleased that we are still at the table.

CUPE Local 2 represents about 650 electrical skilled trades workers who keep our subway and streetcar systems running safely and reliably.

While I remain optimistic we can reach an agreement at the table that prevents a strike, we also need to be honest and let our employees know there could be job action next week that impacts their work. In addition, we need to let our customers know that there could be impacts to their TTC trips.

Labour negotiations are not typically easy or straightforward, and this is the first time in 13 years TTC employees have had the ability to strike.

However, I believe the mandate our Board has approved, and our offers within that mandate, is fair to the workers and affordable for the TTC and we will continue to negotiate in good faith.

In the unlikely event a deal cannot be reached and job action commences, we will let our employees and customers know what the impacts are as soon as possible.

Public updates will be posted at as well as through @TTCNotices and @TTCHelps on X. We will also make sure that there will be direct communication with employees.

We understand the importance of the TTC for the millions of customers who rely on us every week and we will do everything we can to avoid - and if necessary, to minimize - service disruptions.

News Release link.
Temporary streetcar diversions on section of Queen St. E. starting Monday

Apr. 19, 2024

Starting this Mon., Apr. 22, streetcars operating along a section of Queen St. E. between Broadview Ave. and Parliament St. will divert while TTC crews replace a critical rail expansion joint on the Don Valley Bridge.

The essential maintenance work is part of ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and reliability of TTC streetcar infrastructure. The work will involve saw cutting, breaking of concrete to expose the existing rail, replacement of the expansion joint, and laying of new concrete.

Crews will be working around-the-clock until the work is complete, with streetcars expected to resume normal routing on Mon., Apr. 29.

Streetcar diversions

While the work is carried out, 501 Queen, 301 Queen Night, 503 Kingston Road, 504 King, and 504 King Night streetcars will divert both ways from Queen St. E., via Broadview Ave., Dundas St. E., and Parliament St.

Replacement buses

Queen streetcars will be replaced by buses along Queen St. E. between Carlaw Ave. and Sherbourne St., while King replacement buses will operate between Broadview Station and Sherbourne St, via Queen St. E. and King St. E.

Vehicle traffic across the Don Valley Bridge and access to the DVP on-ramp will be maintained during the work.

The TTC appreciates the patience and understanding of customers, motorists, and residents in the affected area during this necessary work. Customers are encouraged to plan ahead and allow for extra travel time during the diversion period.

The TTC is committed to keeping customers informed about work and events that impact service, as well as alternate route options. For the most up-to-date information, follow @TTCNotices on X or sign up for eAlerts.
So, what's with the GPS tracking of TTC vehicles? I was using Google maps and some buses have no updates, only shows the scheduled time.

How common is this?
Just because Black Creek dropped the name doesn't mean TTC has to.
I believe when downsview was renamed it cost $600,000 to reprogram that shitty robot announcement voice on the tr trains (shouldn't it be easier as they're text to speach?)

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