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GIP has some seriously eye catching iron on this project. Hard to see but they have two massive Bauer drilling rigs: one green, one yellow.

Drove by today and the old Northgate building is being demo's and they are well on their way putting in piles for what I am assuming is probably the over/underpass structure east of the Northgate site. No pictures, sorry!
Yay!!! So they're doing BOTH 121st and 127st interchanges at the same time! So only the 66th interchange will remain and hopefully they start on that BEFORE these 2 are completed.
Believe everything is due to wrap up on this project in 2027. Wondering if they are still on that timeline?
Hmmmmm… overlapping with construction…..maybe a late Summer de-mob to site like they did with 127th last year
125 Avenue is open with some construction remaining on Fort Road. I’m guessing that has to be complete before any 66 Street construction.

The Yellowhead west of St. Albert Trail is free of lights, but some work remains on the access roads.