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Maybe there can be a separate thread on

Not to get off topic, but what time frame do you think 10 Dundas will come down? First I ever heard of this.

There are no serious discussions as of yet. It's likely several years away.

I fully expect some effort to assemble the entire block; but that's not a given.

It's just not a great performing asset. There's money to be made by Ryerson in something much more substantial on their parking site too.
Obviously that would not be the case if a more City-building heritage focus occurred as I opined for..............

There are height limits on this site due to hospital helicopter flight paths. They encumber the entire block, so this will never be a site for 40s building.

But there's considerable room between the current heights and the cap.

Let not get off-topic here though.

If I or anyone else has hard news on the 10 Dundas site, it will go in that thread.
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Never said every area did.
This one area is catering to a specific thing, and people enjoy it.
Maybe you don't, but it's a big city and I'm sure an area you enjoy can be found instead of trying to change this one.
As that change would likely terrify you it would appear.
Exterior restoration on 241 Yonge Street is now complete. There's also work being done on the former Payless Shoes building further south:

Update on the former Payless Shoe Source building:

Starting to see some of the structural materials from behind the scaffolding but still a ways to go. It looks like a hot pot restaurant is planning to open on the ground level retail unit when done:

The square looks incredibly dumpy - graffitied, spalling columns, chipped and cracked black granite slabs everywhere; dirty and rusting stage canopy, stained stainless fascia at the various booths. The whole things just reeks of decay - and the garbage "architecture" all around it just add to that special dumpiness.