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hey joe, i noticed you said you bought the merge project on kingston road. I just live across the street in the condos "Haven on the Bluffs" at 22 East Haven Dr. Does LCH have an anticipated occupancy date yet? just curious
I bought a condo from hazelton too. Any idea what to expect from this situation ?
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Same here!
Hoping to share information and figure out what our options are.
Hey found these forum while google hazelton group. I bought there missisagua condo. Do you know anything about that is going on?
Do you know when D'OR completion is or how to find this out?
Do they send something to tell you when you can move in?
Hey! The mobile website only allows me to post on your profile. When I get on my comp, I’ll see if I can send a private message with my contact info.

Thanks for organizing!!

Rosie :)
We did get an initial response from someone named "Benita Ogbeide" but he/she last September, but has not replied to us since then.

Can you recommend anyone for me to contact?

Thanks, Dennis.
Good afternoon. I just saw your message about getting set up with charging in your parking unit. I am taking delivery of my Tesla Model Y LR in June, and am trying to configure my parking spot for EV charging as well, but I am having a difficult time getting anyone to contact me.
Hi, I am currently writing a report about the Dells apartment complex for my Civil Engineering Technology program, would it be okay with you if I used some pictures that you took for the foundation of the site?
everything will of course be referenced and linked back here.
Hi, I am currently a student in the SAIT Civil Engineering Technology program, I am doing a report on the Dells Apartment complex, and would like to ask your permission to use some pictures that you have taken of the site.
If that is acceptable to you please respond to this message, if it is not you can just ignore this.

Thank you
How did you get these photos inside the building?
PDI and took the opportunity to take a few snaps while inside. I'm sure by the time you go, it will be more complete, the lobby will need to be nearly complete by the time occupancy occurs.
Oh great. My occupancy date is May 31 and we have not heard about a PDI date yet. How far in advance of your occupancy was your PDI?
You should be receiving an email in two to three weeks about your PDI - it comes from a 3rd party company that works with the developer.
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Hey, were you able to sell your unit on assignment for Reunion crossing? we might be considering doing the same, and just wondering if you had already gone through the process. i am aware that the developer does not allow owners to list their units publicly until after the occupancy. let me know!
We did not. I think we're going to hold onto it asa principle residence, then move another year and maybe hold onto it as a rental. Curious if you get an estimated value on resale though. I really want to know what our unit is worth.
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same here! I am just trying to get an idea through comparison with Scout/ Scoop that have been selling lately
Waiting for someone to build a 80+ story office building in Toronto to surpass FCP!!! Will this EVER happen??? :(