In Dubai's craze for ever taller, ever more declarative towers, it is getting harder and harder for developers and architects to conceive a building that has some truly unique features. As architectural imagination is pushed to the limit, it seems like Toronto-based ZAS Architects have come up with a jaw-dropping concept for their newest project, the Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences. Located next to the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, at the intersection with Abdullah Omran Maryam Street, it will boast an artificial beach and a rainforest-like landscape on the podium rooftop.

The Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences, image courtesy of ZAS Architects

The new $300 million-development will consist of two 47-storey towers on top of a five-storey podium and two levels of basement. The first tower will house the 280 service apartments, and the other one accommodate 450 luxury hotel rooms by Curio, over a total gross floor area of 106,000 square meters. The five-star hotel will take up 45,000 square meters, while another 52,000 square meters will be dedicated to the residential component of the project. Combined, the two towers will offer both residents and visitors an wide array of world-class amenities. Two Sky lobbies and the Sky Pools, suspended mid-air, will provide expansive views of the city and the Persian Gulf, with restaurants, fine retail, as well as a spa, health club, and meeting rooms.

One of the Sky Lobbies and its Sky Pool, image courtesy of ZAS Architects

However, it is the 7000-square-meters recreation area on the top floor of the podiumlinking the two towers togetherthat will make the development among the most luxurious in Dubai. Indeed, on the rooftop, developers are planning an artificial beach, alongside extensive rainforest-inspired landscaping. Few details are currently available concerning this part of the project, and no renderings showing this particular area have been released yet. 

The Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences, image courtesy of ZAS Architects

The curves of both towers intend to recall other chic developments, contributing to the city's reputation as a luxurious and innovation-filled tourist destination. It also appears that one of the buildings will feature a type of netting on its facade, although it is still unclear whether it will serve any structural function. The project is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in June 2018.  

One of the tower will boast a distinctive net on its facade, image courtesy of ZAS Architects

We will keep you updated as the project develops. In the meantime, additional information and renderings can be found in our dataBase file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment using the space provided at the bottom of this page.