We are SkyriseCities

SkyriseCities wants to know what’s happening in your city, and we are looking for local ambassadors to help us. Our City Ambassadors are our feet on the ground as we expand our network of construction and development coverage. If you want to share your growing city with the world, then we want to hear from you!

What do City Ambassadors do?

Edmonton’s Daveography and Chicago’s harryc are active photographers sharing construction progress and cityscapes in the Forum. Their photos have been featured in a variety of Edmonton and Chicago news stories.

In Los Angeles, Hunter Kerhart hits the streets (and the skies!) to get the best angles on rising projects like the Wilshire Grand and Metropolis.

Some of our ambassadors are even writing their own articles. In Montreal, Skahigh has rounded up the latest development news. Over in Calgary, Surrealplaces covered a ground breaking ceremony.

What can SkyriseCities offer?

As a Forum contributor, you can create your own SRC profile page with a bio, links to your personal website and other social profiles. All photos you upload to SkyriseCities will be automatically compiled here and other users can star your profile to follow your activity around the site.

We regularly feature construction photos from the Forum in our news coverage, and we include profile links in the image credit for all City Ambassadors. We are also connecting our City Ambassadors with local projects to arrange exclusive access to construction sites and media events. Depending on your availability and commitment, there are opportunities for remuneration.

How do I get involved?

To get started, just let us know what’s happening in your city! Take a look at the project threads found in your city’s Building Forum, and tell us what we’ve missed in our Project Tipline. Tell me about your favourite local projects in our Forum (you can tag me @bennessb), and upload your latest photos to the project thread using the camera in the upper righthand corner of the nav bar.

If you’d like to know more about how to get started, just log in and start a conversation with me, bennessb.