In a previous story, we examined how downtown Los Angeles is gradually transforming from a place to work exclusively, into a place to work, live, and play. A myriad of residential, office and hotel developments are now dotting the streets of the business district, increasing both the density and the walkability of the formerly car-centric neighbourhood. On a six-acre lot delineated by Francisco Street, West 8th Street, James M Wood Boulevard, and the Harbour Freeway and Transit Way, developer Greenland Group is currently building a multi-tower complex known as Metropolis.

General view of Metropolis and the Los Angeles skyline, image by Hunter Kerhart

A recent photo update by one of our Forum contributors shows parts of the Gensler-designed project rising well above ground and starting to majorly impact the cityscape. Indeed, the four highrises that will eventually occupy this site are all under construction. On the southeast corner of the lot, the future 18-storey, 350-room Hotel Indigo is racing towards its final height of 83 metres. It is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2016.

The future residential tower and hotel looking north, image by Hunter Kerhart

Immediately to the west, the first of three residential towers is also well underway and now stands at a height of approximately 25 storeys, with the glass facade now applied to the lower section of the building. Also tentatively scheduled for completion in late 2016, the tower will add 38 floors of brand new residential units to the growing business district, which currently has a shortage of such properties. 

General view of Metropolis looking south, image by Hunter Kerhart

Further north on the site, the two other residential components of the project are just making their way above ground level, with only a few floors of each core visible from the street. Due to the success of the first condominium tower, the developer has already started sales on the second 40-storey, 514-unit building. Similarly, the 58-storey third tower is under construction, as seen in the picture below. Residents will have access to an extensive one-and-a-half-acre outdoor amenity space on the ninth level podium roof. Branded as Met 9, it will boast a swimming pool and other shared spaces. 

Aerial view of Metropolis, image by Hunter Kerhart

Finally, the indoor/outdoor Metropolis Retail Pavilion will occupy a surface of 6,500 square metres within the complex, and be accessible to residents directly thanks to a private elevator connecting the towers with the shopping centre. It is also scheduled to open its doors by the Fall of 2016, while the entire development is set to be complete by 2018. In the meantime, more information and renderings are available in our Database, linked below. You can also share your comments and pictures with us in the project's dedicated Forum thread.

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