Facing a steady decline in ridership throughout much of the 20th century, London's former Broad Street Railway Station — adjacent to Liverpool Station — was demolished in the late 1980s. In its place emerged a 13-hectare office and retail complex known as Broadgate, originally owned by The British Land Company PLC, and designed by Arup Associates. Mostly consisting of mid-rise buildings in a city facing stronger-than-ever real estate pressure, the precinct is now once again undergoing an overall redevelopment. Recently, Arup Associates revealed their plans for the reconfiguration of the properties situated at 2 - 3 Finsbury Avenue Square.

2 - 3 Finsbury Avenue Square, image via Arup Associates

The site is currently occupied by two edifices home to Swiss Bank UBS, though both properties could soon be razed to the ground and replaced by a new 32-storey mixed-use tower. Developed by The British Land Company, the 154-metre proposal aims to bring more than 50,000 square metres of brand new commercial spaces, including an ample retail component at its base that connects the revamped square with Sun Street to the north of the site. A publicly accessible rooftop will feature a restaurant reachable via a series of glass elevators offering scenic views of the city.

View of 2 - 3 Finsbury Avenue Square at the intersection of Sun and Wilson Streets, image via Arup Associates

The Arup Associates-designed building consists in a modernist tower fronting Sun Street on the north end of the site, with a mid-rise section rising to approximately a third of the tower's height wrapping around the southeast corner at Wilson Street, before running south towards Eldon Street. Up to 5,000 people will eventually work within the revamped 2 - 3 Finsbury Avenue Square edifice. The development application for the project was submitted earlier this year, and British Land expects to start construction by the end of 2016.

Aerial view of 2 - 3 Finsbury Avenue Square, image via Arup Associates

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