E 11 is the longest road in the United Arab Emirates. The highway intersects several cities, most famously Dubai, where it becomes Sheikh Zayed Road. Flanked by skyscraping towers that cast immense shadows on the busy corridor, the imposing scene is one of the most photographed in the city. As supertalls continue to be built along Dubai's main arterial road, some construction delays are to be expected.

Al Attar Tower (left) alongside other Sheikh Zayed Towers, image by angela n. via Flickr

Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Properties began construction on their 76-storey residential building in 2005. Designed by Adnan Saffarini and Gulf Engineering & Consultants, the building reached its final height of 342 metres in 2008, making it one of the world's tallest residential structures.

Al Attar Tower nearing completion, image by angela n. via Flickr

Rising from a square podium and crowned with a peaked roof and spire, the building is wrapped in a gold-hued glazing. Much of the elevation's middle portion is reserved for balconies, and various amenities including a pool, spa and gymnasium will be included in the development.

Al Attar Tower nearing completion, image by angela n. via Flickr

The project's main contractor was fired in 2006 and replaced by a different company one year later. Though construction resumed, it substantially slowed in the following years. Now thankfully receiving finishing touches on its exterior, unfinished gaps in the facade are being sealed as work on the distinctive pinnacle continues. It's not clear when construction will be complete, but the tower's pyramidal roofline has added another interesting feature to Dubai's whimsical skyline.

Al Attar Tower construction, image by Gaby Nassar via Flickr

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