Unlike many of its neighbours, Vietnam has not traditionally been home to supertall skyscrapers. But a new 81-storey building now under construction is set to rival the greatest and most innovative modern supertalls the world has to offer. Vincom Landmark 81 in Ho Chi Minh City will become the tallest building in Vietnam at a dizzying 462 metres, easily surpassing Hanoi's 336-metre Keangnam Landmark 72.

Vincom Landmark 81, image via Atkins

Designed by Atkins for Vingroup, with engineering and construction handled by British firm Arup, the tower is located in one of the city's most sought-after neighbourhoods, Vinhomes Central Park. In addition to convenient vehicular access, the abutting Saigon River will provide a water connection to the development. The skyscraping edifice contains a number of uses, including serviced residential apartments and hotel rooms. The base of the tower will be marked by a collection of high-end retail options amid lush landscaping that merges urbanity with the natural environment. A more adventurous clientele could visit the observation deck of the tower, which offers an unobstructed vantage point from which to view the dense surroundings. 

Vincom Landmark 81, image via Atkins

The 241,000-square-metre development is articulated in a unique staggered expression. A total of 25 slim rectangles are fused together to create one massive tower, in a design that seems to take cues from the boxy volumes of the Willis Tower in Chicago and merges them with the modern facade and tapering floors of the Burj Khalifa. Several of these rectangular sections are crowned with lush gardens that act as a vertical extension of the city's greenery. 

Vincom Landmark 81 landscaping, image via Atkins

By 2018, Vincom Landmark 81 will dominate the Ho Chi Minh City skyline, which like many Asian cities, is undergoing rapid transformation. The city's top five tallest towers were all completed in the last decade, including the current highest building, the 263-metre Bitexco Financial Tower. The Vietcombank Tower is one of the most recent additions to the changing cityscape, which will soon be altered further by a twin-tower development called The One

Vincom Landmark 81 retail base, image via Atkins

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