The newest addition to Warsaw's towering city centre is a 49-storey building by leading European developer Ghelamco. The 220-metre Warsaw Spire is flanked by two shorter buildings, which altogether add 100,000 square metres of office space to the heart of the city. 

Warsaw Spire, image by Flickr user Robert Frw

The complex isn't just accessible to tenants, the public will be able to enjoy curated urban spaces filled with greenery, fountains, and open areas for exhibitions and performances. The ground plane will be enhanced with the provision of restaurants, coffee shops, and boutique stores that guarantee a round-the-clock atmosphere. The building's green credentials will be strengthened by incorporating the latest eco-friendly HVAC, lighting, and elevator technologies. 

The entrance to Warsaw Spire, image by Flickr user Robert Frw

With the January installation of two 40-metre spires, the skyscraper has become the second tallest building in Poland, ranking just behind the Palace of Culture and Science. Each 25-ton spire was divided into 12 segments, delivered via helicopter, and assembled on the rooftop in a complicated and intricate operation. 

Warsaw Spire's rooftop terrace, image by Flickr user Robert Frw

The Jaspers-Eyers Architects-designed building implements a hyperboloid glass facade that, owing to its curved surface, reflects light in a dramatic fashion. The sleek appearance of the exterior is matched by an equally sleek interior. Flickr user Robert Frw captured some of Warsaw Spire's ultramodern spaces, including the sprawling rooftop terrace and extravagant lobby. Photographers will have to get their cameras ready on May 12, when the building is scheduled to open with a spectacular lighting ceremony. 

Warsaw Spire's lobby, image by Flickr user Robert Frw

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