Dubai is the ultimate destination for architects seeking to create ambitious larger-than-life designs, as the city is well known for its luxurious large-scale projects and is receptive to over-the-top grandeur. ZAS Architects, a Canada- and Dubai-based architecture firm has done just that with The Rosemont Hotel and Residences Dubai in collaboration with Keiferle & Partners.

The Rosemont Hotel and Residences Dubai, image via ZAS Architects

Since we first reported on this project, new renderings have come to light. The hotel will be the first of its kind, with an indoor rainforest as well as an indoor beach for its patrons. According to the architects, this hotel is to be the culmination of all the best elements that a world traveler may find in his travels. The prime 13,000-square-foot site upon which the development will sit is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in the Al Thanyah First area of Dubai.

The Sky Pool at Rosemont, image via ZAS Architects

The two 53-storey towers will rise atop a five-storey shared podium which will host a range of amenities including a shisha cafe, retail spaces, a nightclub, a skydive simulator, and a luxury cinema hall. The hotel tower will house 450 luxury rooms and will include amenities such as an infinity sky pool, fine dining, health spaces, and meeting rooms while the other tower will house 280 serviced apartment units as well as an infinity pool and sky lobby. According to ZAS Architects, the design of the first tower emulates the flow of a river, as a gold ribbon wraps diagonally across and up the tower, and the second tower emulates a shell, with two outer glass 'shells' encasing the tower within.

The Rainforest at Rosemont, image via ZAS Architects

On the top floor of the podium will be the most anticipated aspect of the development, a 75,000-square-foot rainforest with the corresponding flora and humid climate of such an environment. The renderings for the indoor rainforest are reminiscent of an organic fantastical prehistoric marsh.

The Rainforest at Rosemont, image via ZAS Architects

In addition, a 4D sensory rainfall system that simulates a 360 degree rainfall experience for visitors without actually getting wet will add an authentic rainforest experience. Included in the plans are trees that spray the surrounding live plants with water, as well as seating and trails all along the rainforest landscape. The renderings also show a life-sized dinosaur and a stream containing fish, as well as water features where children can play and cool down.

The Rainforest at Rosemont, image via ZAS Architects

The project is currently under construction, with completion of the two towers expected in April 2018.

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