Houston's Uptown business district boasts a contemporary skyline that could rival that of most American cities. Centred around Post Oak Boulevard and located roughly ten kilometres west of the downtown core, the district's abundant cluster of office buildings includes the 275-metre Williams Tower, the third tallest tower in the city. Newly completed projects like the BHP Billiton Tower are adding more density to this vibrant hub, just as developers like Hanover Company look to cement their legacy in the neighbourhood.

Hanover BLVD Place, image via Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Hanover Company is making a statement in the area with BLVD Place, which has so far delivered a mix of uses including a Whole Foods Market and the 29-storey Post Oak tower. Their next project is the 30-storey Hanover BLVD Place, which has begun site preparation on the lot immediately south of the recently completed Post Oak rental building.

Whole Foods Market on Post Oak Boulevard with BHP Billiton Tower in the background, image retrieved from Google Street View

The 280-unit project on South Post Oak Lane appoints a design by Chicago-based architecture firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz. Though it's a much more rectilinear interpretation, the project bears some resemblance to the adjacent tower, particularly the provision of a landscaped deck atop the podium. The design also relies heavily on glass and accommodates a series of expansive balconies.

Hanover Post Oak, image retrieved from Google Street View

BLVD Place is expected to expand to the Hanover-owned parcels to the north and south. The lot adjacent to the Whole Foods is primed for a 34-storey office tower by Apache Corporation, though the company has indicated there are no immediate plans to move forward on the project. By the time Hanover BLVD Place is completed in 2019, the future of that site should be more clear.

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