While the sudden passing of world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid made headlines earlier this year, there remains a short list of legacy projects that are either under construction or in the planning stages, which if completed will cap off what has been a highly distinguished career. However, thanks in equal part to the strong objections of locals, Brisbane City Council, and more specifically, to a recent move by the Sunland Group to cancel one of these projects altogether, the much-anticipated — at least to the broader architectural community — Mariner's Cove Towers are no more.

Twilight falls on the now defunct Mariner's Cove Towers, image via Sunland Group

Derided by local critics as both too tall and too dense for its surroundings, the twin-tower proposal would have seen the construction of two artfully designed 44-storey towers on the waterfront. Each with its own subtle design cues, the towers were to contain a mix of 370 residential units paired with a 69-room luxury hotel, along with an array of top-notch drinking, dining, and entertainment options. 

Mariner's Cove Towers, looming large over the local landscape, image via Sunland Group

Projected to cost approximately $600 million (AUD), the sculptural towers would have completely transformed the local skyline. Their signature scalloped exterior lines and twisting verticality would have brought a large dose of avant garde design to the Brisbane coast. To have been the centrepiece of a new privately owened cultural precinct, the project would have included a set of gallery and museum spaces, which would join the waterfront's growing list of attractions, including plans for a two-storey aquarium and public parkland. 

Waterfront context view, with public space visible, image via Sunland Group

Despite all that the project promised for the area, local opposition has remained strong, in the end forcing the developer to pull out, citing the desire to respect the wishes of Brisbane City Council. In all, City Hall received 121 separate submissions in regards to the project, the vast majority of which were negative, along with more than 4,200 signatures desirous of its rejection.

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