There are more bright lights on the New York City skyline after the recent lighting ceremony at 432 Park Avenue. In a new tradition that will light up the Manhattan sky each night, the tallest residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere will be visible from all of the Five Boroughs. 

432 Park Avenue alight against the Manhattan sky, image via CIM

Located on each of the 1,396-foot tower's five double-height, open-air mechanical "drum floors," 32 LED light fixtures will emanate a powerful nighttime glow. 432 Park Avenue will rival the city's other iconic towers for skyline supremacy, and the impact of this new feature will set a high bar for years to come. 

432 Park Avenue a standout structure amid the Manhattan skyline, image via CIM

Located on the 31st, 45th, 60th, 74th, and 89th storeys, all five open-air "drum floors," named thus for their drum-like appearance, will be lit each night at sunset, making the most of the architectural voids created by the building's combined ten floors of mechanical. Viewed below, the full effect of the LED lighting system can be appreciated, the close-up view providing a glimpse of the almost ethereal aesthetic provided by the addition. 

432 Park Avenue, LED lighting system nighttime close-up view, image via CIM

Designed by 432 Park Avenue's lead architect, Rafael Viñoly, the LED lighting system will effectively provide the tower with a whole new architectural dimension as the structure's appearance quite literally transforms from daytime to nighttime. Viewed below, a close-up of the same "drum floor" mechanical level by day offers a much different aesthetic when the nighttime LED glow is replaced by the daytime sun. 

432 Park Avenue, close-up view by day, image via CIM

Home to just 106 private residences that begin just shy of $20 million, 432 Park Avenue is an address like no other. A world-class tower in a world-class city, 432 Park Avenue has truly become an icon unto itself, a symbol of Western achievement and status. 

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