Coming soon to downtown Warsaw, the Mennica Legacy Tower, a project featuring a 10- and 35-storey tower designed via a partnership between Chicago firms Epstein and Goettsch Partners, is set to transform the local skyline, bringing a splash of modern steel and glass architecture to the heart of the Polish capital. Set to occupy the corner of Prosta and Żelazna Streets, close to the bustling city centre and financial district, the Mennica Legacy Tower development will introduce 100,000 square metres of Class A office space into the core, along with an additional 20,000 square metres left over for underground parking, lobby space, and retail. 

Mennica Legacy Tower, image via Epstein

Centrally located and close to transit, the Mennica Legacy Tower will do much to enliven the surrounding area, a business district filled with a mix of Soviet and Post-Communist Era architecture that is notably drabber in appearance than the much-celebrated Warsaw Old Town located along the Vistula River. Adding to the new development's urban appeal, a large open plaza will connect the two structures, the public space to be adorned with a mix of various landscaping options, including ample seating and green space. 

Mennica Legacy Tower, urban context view, image via Epstein

While the development will sport a variety of impressive, state-of-the-art mechanical systems and features, it will undoubtedly be the project's design which will garner the most attention. Both towers have been designed with a distinctive sloping exterior, with upwardly expanding floor plates, and the glass curtain walls common to both buildings to be composed of a series of angled rectangular panels which will each span several floors in height. 

Mennica Legacy Tower, full view, image via Epstein

Set for completion by 2018, the Mennica Legacy Tower project has been in the works since 2014, the site today having been dormant for some time. Once complete, the development will be a welcome addition to the city, and Warsaw's reputation as the nation's business district will be further cemented by its arrival. 

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