Originally purchased by Kushner Companies in 2007, the 60-year-old office tower located at 666 Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan has long been the dream project of convicted felon and current real estate magnate Charles Kushner. As father to Jared Kushner, the spouse to 'First Daughter' Ivanka Trump, the elder Kushner's landmark redevelopment project has been caught in limbo as investors await a final decision on any potential conflicts of interest that could arise now that the Kushner name has become directly linked to the Presidency. 

666 Fifth Avenue, redevelopment proposal by Zaha Hadid Architects, image via ZHA

Proposed to stand at a final height of 1,400 feet (427 metres), the redeveloped tower and its 40-storey addition would become the second-tallest supertall in New York, edging out 432 Park Avenue (426 metres), while still a good deal shorter than One World Trade Center (541 metres). With a new design by Zaha Hadid Architects, the 1961-built, Carson & Lundin-designed, 41-storey office tower would be completely stripped and re-clad, with its new skin to rise the length of the reimagined tower. The 40-storey addition would nearly triple its current height of 483 feet (147 metres). 

666 Fifth Avenue, close-up view of re-clad podium level, image via ZHA

Should the project proceed as planned, the redeveloped supertall tower would become a mixed-use luxury hotel and condo tower. The multi-storey podium level would be filled out with a combination of retail and dining options. While work could potentially begin by 2019, the complex project would likely not be finished any sooner than 2025. 

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