In the course of our daily reporting, we often uncover unusual projects, places, or connections that don't make the final cut. Instead of keeping it to ourselves, we're pleased to share our weekly Architrivia.

Located in the South Indian capital city of Hyderabad, the headquarters of the National Fisheries Development Board, or "Fish Building," as it is more commonly known, is likely one of the most unusually whimsical examples of an official government office building in the world. Designed to look like a giant fish, the four-storey building is composed almost entirely out of stainless steel, with the bulk of the complex hoisted into the air by support columns at either end, allowing the Fish to swim several feet above ground. 

National Fisheries Development Board, "Fish Building," image by Nagaraju raveender via Wikimedia Commons

With its main entrance just below the left fin, which doubles as an awning, and at least two offices towards the head of the fish benefitting from the two round windows that make up the eyes, the National Fisheries Development Board building is an effective example of mimetic architecture, in which the form of a structure plays a role in its function. Adding to the effectiveness of the fish theme, a set of deep-blue spotlights are used to illuminate the building at night, giving the impression that the fish is swimming through the ocean. 

Fish Building, nighttime illumination, image by Flickr user Nicholas Mirguet via Creative Commons

A local fixture and tourist attraction since its completion in 2012, the Fish Building has become a must-see stop on any trip to Hyderabad, especially among lovers of quirky architecture. 

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