Ten months since breaking ground on a chilly Woodward Ave, the Hudson's Site high-rise and retail development now under construction was then set to become Detroit's tallest tower at a considerable 800 feet. Fast-forward to late 2018, however, and that figure has increased, Motor City's tallest tower to potentially rise to an impressive 912 feet. 

Hudson's Site development, image via Bedrock

While excavation and construction has been grinding along below grade, decisions about the final height of the structure have been ongoing. The latest estimate would see the 58-storey tower grow by more than 100 feet, a height which could very well see the building enter well into the 60-floor range. 

Hudson's Site, tower and retail podium, image via Bedrock

The development will also feature a 12-storey retail podium, that will serve to animate the local streetscape along Detroit's famous Woodward Ave. Long the site of the namesake Hudson's department store, the old structure was demolished in the 1990s, leaving the site vacant for 20 years. 

Market level, image via Bedrock

Bringing a minimum of 400 units, and thus upwards of 800 new residents to the core, to say nothing of the planned 100,000 square feet of retail space, and 240,000 square feet of office space, the Hudson's Site development will be largely beneficial for the city, part of Detroit's ongoing urban renaissance. 

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