One of the only structures to survive the Rotterdam Blitz in 1940 is the focus of a ODA-led revitalization scheme aiming to activate the historic property with a multitude of uses. Under recently-announced plans, a 1916-built post office will be restored and converted into a new civic hub combining residences, retail and hospitality programming.

Post Rotterdam, image via Forbe Massie via ODA

The largest component of the plan is a proposed 150-metre-tall tower rising towards the rear of the Postkantoor, straddling the existing open courtyard at the Rodezand wing. The skyscraper's facade is expressed through a grid pattern in reference to the columned exterior of the post office. The building's openings would vary in size and shape.

Post Rotterdam, image via Forbe Massie via ODA

The 22.5-metre-tall Great Hall and its vaulted ceiling will undergo restoration to fulfill its role as the public heart of the project. A new entrance on Rodezand will ensure the space is accessible from all sides. A number of public amenities, including retail space, restaurants and galleries, will form the interior experience. A five-star hotel operated by Kimpton will take over the upper floors of the existing building where telegraph and telephone services had been located. 

Post Rotterdam, image via Forbe Massie via ODA

The Great Hall, image via Forbe Massie via ODA

"The new Postkantoor will update the skyline without rupturing it, and the community will be offered a renewed take on a building full of memories," reads the design brief on ODA's website. The project is scheduled to begin construction this year.

Rodezand's courtyard, image via Forbe Massie via ODA

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