An integral component of Hangzhou's new Technology Central Business District has broken ground. Commissioned by Zhejiang Xinhu Haichang Group and designed by OMA, Xinhu Hangzhou Prism's crystalline form will become a reality in 2020.

Xinhu Hangzhou Prism, image via OMA

The architecture of the 50,000-square-metre complex is informed by two oblique cuts that slice through the building envelope to create terraced lofts hosting scenic views. The resultant geometry facilitates a central void where a publicly accessible garden replete with water features and playgrounds will rest. 

Xinhu Hangzhou Prism, image via OMA

Containing a hotel, lofts, retail space and an atrium garden, the building pays tribute to an ancient saying that there is "paradise above and Hangzhou below". The Prism's interior program is complemented by additional residential space in a neighbouring tower.

The mixed-use project will rise in the heart of Hangzhou's Future Tech City as the metropolis undergoes rapid growth. Already home to some of China's largest technology companies, including Alibaba Group Holding and NetEase, the city's booming start-up scene is attracting the country's young talent and new-economy workforce.

Xinhu Hangzhou Prism, image via OMA

OMA's Chris van Duijn is leading the project with Michaelis Hadjistyllis.

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