London's voracious appetite for skyscrapers is expected to continue through 2019, in what New London Architecture is calling "The Year of the Tall Building" in its Tall Building Survey. The sixth edition of the annual showcase of skyscraper development in the UK capital pegs the number of tall buildings in the pipeline at 541, a six percent increase from 2017.

London's booming skyline, image by Flickr user David Holt via Creative Commons

The report finds that 76 skyscrapers could be completed in 2019 following a slower-than-expected 2018, which only saw half of the predicted 50 skyscrapers delivered. The majority of developments in the pipeline, 291, have received planning permission and will begin construction soon. Another 54 are in the pre-planning stage with 75 in the planning stage. A whopping 121 towers are currently under construction.

Most of these upcoming projects are between 20-29 storeys tall, while 38 percent will stand between 30 and over 60 floors. East and Central London are expected to respectively receive 48 and 18 percent of these towers.

London projects in the pipeline by year, image via New London Architecture

NLA's research indicates that tall buildings are taking longer to complete, a worrying trend attributed to a multitude of factors, including "skills shortages, changing project delivery timescales and financial viability issues." 

Londoners are also evidently becoming more comfortable with tall buildings. Despite a slight decline in the number of planning applications for skyscrapers from 78 in 2017 to 75 in 2018, the Planning Committee has approved a higher proportion of these projects. Only eight applications for tall buildings were refused over the months of 2018.

Digital model of the future London, image via VU.CITY

The full report is available for download at the New London Architecture website.

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