Dating back to 1906, the James Avenue Pumping Station served the watering needs of downtown Winnipeg from its debut to the mid-1980s. Fast-forward more than 30 years, and plans by 5468796 to transform and expand the historic structure into a mixed-use residential complex, are now underway. 

James Avenue Pumping Station, image via 5468796

While the bulk of the large heritage structure - Edwardian-Era machinery included - will be restored and preserved, three new mixed-use structures will be attached on either side. To be thereby flanked by ultra-modern wings, the century-old pumping station will be dwarfed by its additions, all of which will be interconnected via a series of elevated and street-level pedestrian pathways. 

James Avenue Pumping Station, cross-section, image via 5468796

Assuaging fears the the heritage element will be entirely swallowed up by its modern counterparts, the new buildings will be capped at just 6 storeys. Consisting of rental apartments with commercial space at grade, the three new structures will add a great deal of urban vibrancy to the complex and surrounding neighbourhood. 

James Avenue Pumping Station, pedestrian pathways, image via 5468796

Located at the edge of the bustling Exchange District, and overlooking the banks of the Red River, the James Avenue Pumping Station will be a popular address. Signifying an effective, if arguably still somewhat heavy-handed form of adaptive re-use, the redevelopment will more than likely succeed in its current form, the project representative of the fine balance required between heritage preservation and urban renewal.

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