Eighteen months since breaking ground, the excavation work now well underway for the sprawling Hudson's Site redevelopment in Detroit has made significant progress. Set to become Detroit's tallest tower at 912 ft, the 60-plus-storey residential highrise will be joined by a 12-storey retail podium, both of which will front onto Woodward Ave. 

Hudson's Site, excavation pit looking to Woodward Ave, image by Forum contributor PMT

Named for the well-known department store that long stood at the site, the Hudson's Site redevelopment will be a welcome replacement for the former edifice which was demolished more than 20 years go. Thus filling in a large gap in the Woodward Ave streetscape - Detroit's main thoroughfare having recently undergone something of an urban renaissance with the return of the streetcar - the Hudson's Site will go a long way towards re-animating the core. 

Hudson's Site, tower and retail podium, image via Bedrock Detroit

While the tower will be home to at least 400 units, the adjacent mixed-use commercial podium will place 240,000 sq. ft. of modern office space above 100,000 sq. ft. of street-facing retail. Moreover, the tower and podium will be interconnected at ground level via a pedestrian mall that will provide foot traffic access to an open air market space (below).

Hudson's Site, Market Level, image via Bedrock Detroit

With excavation work now moving at a good clip, it will not be long now before the tower and podium begin their ascent. Once complete, the Hudson's Site redevelopment will be a fine addition to Motor City. 

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