After a three-month break, we return to check in on the progress 110 North Wacker Drive has made in Chicago. Rising steadily higher, with formwork having been removed from the central concrete core, the 56-storey office building has broken through the city skyline from numerous angles.

110 North Wacker Drive, image by Forum contributor harryc

The Howard Hughes Corporation and Riverside Investment & Development Company project features a glass design by Goettsch Partners. The building utilizes its Chicago River frontage to its highest potential, employing a rhythm of five-foot-deep setbacks on the facade that create multiple high-value corner offices. 

110 North Wacker Drive's concrete core, image by Forum contributor harryc

The ground-level expression facilitates a 45-foot-wide riverwalk that is shielded by overhanging floor plates above. A trio of angled pillars helps frame the space and bring an additional layer of architectural interest to the building.

110 North Wacker Drive, image by Forum contributor harryc

The Wacker Drive elevation is punctuated by a 45-foot-height lobby enclosed by a cable-supported glass wall and accented by folded-limestone cladding on the elevator cores. 

110 North Wacker Drive, image by Forum contributor harryc

Recent images of the construction show glazing installation moving at a consistent pace as the steel floors continue to wrap the concrete centre. 

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