For over four years, SkyriseCities has been a reliable daily source for news on urban development, real estate, architecture and transit from around the world. A constant flow of photo and development updates from our loyal Forum members supported fresh front-page content. But the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty to a number of businesses, and our operations have likewise been greatly impacted.

As the construction and development industry continues to grapple with the effects of the virus, SkyriseCities can no longer continue to operate as normal. It is unfortunate but necessary to announce that going forward, all front-page content will cease publication for the foreseeable future.

Our Forum will remain active and we encourage all readers who are interested in urban issues, planning, development, architecture and transit to contribute to the discourse. 

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, image by Marcus Mitanis

We would like to thank our readers and contributors for generating content and participating in our online community. We wish you all the very best. Stay safe and be well.