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    Calgary | Flyover Block | 20m | 6s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture

    The link for their Winnipeg project appears to be broken as well, and I recalled seeing something about RNDSQR looking to begin working in Kelowna but don’t think I ever actually saw anything come of that. I wonder if they are in the midst of a purchase/merger. I could see them getting purchased...
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    General Construction Updates

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    General Construction Updates

    Would like to see what the side facing the street looks like, but overall, it seems like Airdrie is taking the lead by putting the building close to the main street, and placing parking at the side of the building rather than the front. Obviously in a car-centric town like Airdrie, having no...
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    Russia/Ukraine Conflict

    Doesn’t do much good if product is shut-in in Russia though. But true. I’m not sure what the hold up has been given Germany has provided other weapons, such as howitzers.
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    Russia/Ukraine Conflict

    My guess is that Germany’s refusal to provide the tanks (despite its previous commitment to do so) is a result of energy threats from Russia (i.e., winter is coming).
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    Water-cooler discussion thread

    Something I’d also be interested in understanding is the number (per capita) federal government jobs, and overall annual costs (wages, etc.) of these federal government jobs by province. I’d wager it results in an overall net transfer to Central and Eastern Canada.
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    Calgary's Downtown Dilemma

    As the City tries to attract more people/families into the downtown, it will need to address the lack of playgrounds (in addition to the lack of green space). Where there is space, there’s no reason that small playgrounds can’t be incorporated in sidewalk areas and plazas (including some of the...
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    Calgary | West District | ?m | ?s | Truman

    This is solid! I particularly like the multi-use/bike pathway. And potential covered outdoor patios.
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    Calgary | 4th Street Lofts | 115m | 29s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    Between this project, Park Central, and Oliver, 4th street is on the cusp of becoming the Beltline's first real north-south high street. In fact, running from Prince's Island to the Elbow river, through Eau Claire, Downtown, the Beltline, and Mission, hitting an LRT station, the Core, Stephen...
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    Public Art

    Looks great!
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    Calgary | Block 23 - Central Park | 12m | 3s | Gibbs Gage

    I agree! Every edge of the pathways should be lined with trees! It does looks like they planted reasonably mature trees though, so that’s a positive.
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    Calgary | University District | ?m | ?s | West Campus

    Which begs the question, “Why do they need a drive through on 17th?”
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    Calgary | Gallery First & Tenth | 60m | 19s | Truman

    I’m not surprised, in particular because of the quality of the design.
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    Water-cooler discussion thread

    Better to focus on ensuring a fairer Fiscal Stabilization program than worry about “fixing” Equilization. Improvements to FS could allow for softer landing next time there is an oil market crash.
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    Calgary | The Theodore | 35.66m | 10s | Graywood | IBI Group

    There are still things that you inexplicably have to go into the bank to do. I had to go into the bank to open RESP accounts for my children for example.