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  1. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    This City Market is certainly a lot more convenient for most downtown dwellers than the 109 st Save On. I live 5 blocks away from the latter and I'll still probably go to the City Market in the winter because I can walk a block to the LRT and not expose myself to the elements, or drive, for example.
  2. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Manulife Place Renovations | 145.99m | 36s | AIMCo | MdeAS

    Funny enough, Tim Horton's is mostly owned by a Brazilian company, and yet it's coffee sucks... Go figure.
  3. ChazYEG

    Downtown Real Estate

    Groceries are neaby-ish. 5 to 6 blocks on a straight line, to Save On Foods if you're on 97ave 110 st. I'd settle for having a small mom-and-pop corner store, a pharmacy, a bakery and a restaurant. We already have a café on 111st/98ave (a Very good one, btw). I'll be the first one to pick up...
  4. ChazYEG

    Kingsway Mall

    @archited Not to mention the revenue generated to Canadian producers who sell their products to Walmart, the money they spend on utilities, transportation, storage. They might not be good, but I doubt a Canadian-based big box retailer would be any better. Real Canadian Superstore's owner...
  5. ChazYEG

    Downtown Real Estate

    Math adds up, but we do have bigger projects, with much more units than 250/building proposed and/or under construction. I think 20ish buildings would likely get us there. 15ish is we consider that we have towers with a lot of vacancy right now (looking at you Stantec) and one that is under...
  6. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | The Quarters Hotel and Residences | 280.1m | 80s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    Me too. I'd like to see this, which could very well be a proper landmark, surrounded by a bunch of super dense low and midrise buildings
  7. ChazYEG

    Alberta Politics

    I don't know in absolute numbers. but I know that the percentual of Ukrainians and descendants in Edmonton and region is the highest outside of Eastern Europe. Alberta likely has the highest proportion of Ukrainians in North America, if I had to bet.
  8. ChazYEG

    Alberta Politics

    Let's hope she never shuts up then.
  9. ChazYEG

    103 Avenue Civic Precinct Renewal

    The number of cities around the planet that defy this "logic" is so high that I won't even bother listing. There's also a paywall on this article you linked. Not paying for the Globe and Mail, thanks.
  10. ChazYEG


    Looking up online and if we were to measure DT the same way, we'd add at least Oliver and it's over 19k residents, but who's counting, right?
  11. ChazYEG

    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    Lived here for 3 years. Thousands of vehicles is an exaggeration that borders on being a joke. It is also very clear how much more cyclists we have compared to what we had before. And not just people riding bikes on weekends, but regular commuters. I do agree that the design choice was poor...
  12. ChazYEG

    Downtown Real Estate

    Their growth in urban and economic development is limited to the newer and wealthy areas, while entire neighborhoods are being neglected and flat out abandoned, leaving the few residents on their own, against crime, poverty and crumbling infrastructure. It is easy to judge how well they're...
  13. ChazYEG

    Downtown Real Estate

    Take a walk around the older industrial regions in cities like Rio, Medellin, Lima... It's not unlike Detroit. I do agree that considering the urban development patterns, the lessons we have to take from Detroit are probably more valuable, but just wanted to point out that the urban decay in...
  14. ChazYEG

    Downtown Real Estate

    You've never been to Latin America, have you?