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  1. ChazYEG

    Edmonton Oilers

    Thank god for Mattias Ekholm. We now need a similar pair for Nurse and we'll have ourselves two VERY dangerous defensive pairings. We might even be able to do this "in-house" not too far into the future. Out of all the crazy changes Knob made when he switched the pairings, the Vinny-Nurse one...
  2. ChazYEG

    Edmonton Oilers

    The OT might be my fault. Every single time I go to a game in a major league for the first time it goes to OT. 😂 Happened in the NBA, NFL and now the NHL. That said, I genuinely got a bit emotional today. First live Oilers (and NHL game), with a win, a great performance by the guy whose jersey...
  3. ChazYEG

    Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy

    I understand him perfectly. I've been living here for almost 5 years, now, and this is still exactly how I feel.
  4. ChazYEG

    The Edmonton Method - Snow Removal

    As of yesterday around midnight: - Jasper Ave was an absolute embarrassment; - Whyte wasn't much better; - Neither was 111 Street - anything in the SE except for Ellerslie Rd still needed plowing and grading - Saskatchewan Dr felt more like a glacier than a road - 109 St north of Jasper was the...
  5. ChazYEG

    LRT Safety

    I'm not a fan either, but if it makes it overall safer, at least in the short term, then so be it
  6. ChazYEG

    U of A real estate

    Some of these lots may need to stay in their hands thinking about future expansion and new university buildings, as well. The ones by CCIS and east of HUB, especially, IMO.
  7. ChazYEG

    Downtown Crime

    Fair point. It's actually great that you mentioned it. It's not the first time in the past few months that a serious crime goes down in this area of the city, and yet, people continue to believe that crime in this city only happens DT.
  8. ChazYEG

    Edmonton Oilers

    Seeing the probable lines for today, and CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT IN THE LIVING CRAP is wrong with Kris Knoblauch? He hasn't repeated lines a single time since the All-star break. He keeps experimenting, and losing himself (and the team's confidence) in the process. The 18-97-93 line is...
  9. ChazYEG

    Edmonton Oilers

    The Boston game was a defensive shitshow, and both goalies let in softies. The difference was mostly on the amount of grade A shots Boston had vs the Oilers. I agree with the Minnesota game, re: Pickard. The Calgary game was the worst defensive display from this team since BEFORE Woody was...
  10. ChazYEG

    The Edmonton Method - Snow Removal

    105 street, on the other hand.... There were people getting stuck, sliding downhill... Not a single plow on site until at least midnight. This is just absolutely ridiculous. And calling 311 is about as effective as the snow removal strategy.
  11. ChazYEG

    The Edmonton Method - Snow Removal

    The past two winters (22-23 and 23-24) have been particularly bad. This winter has been an absolute JOKE, especially considering how little work there's been to begin with. Barely any sand, sluggish snow removal even on main arterials... Last year was already bad, but apparently the "let nature...
  12. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Riley's 108 Street Redevelopment | 20.2m | 6s | J+S Architect

    Hell, even people's beloved Vancouver has some of these, and you see no one complaining
  13. ChazYEG

    Edmonton Oilers

    Skinner did have his share of responsibility on the last two losses, but in all honesty, he's been hung out to dry by the team, facing too many grade A shots and ZERO rebound control around the crease. I still believe he's enough of a good goalie to drive a deep playoff run of the team goes...
  14. ChazYEG

    Maclab Garneau | Laurent | Eleanor | 98.14m | 30s | Maclab Development

    It's not a matter of "good enough for Edmonton", but more a matter of what is possible in certain areas of Edmonton, and what some companies are capable and willing to build. In an ideal world, we'd have every single.high-rise in the city in Oliver and Downtown, but it's not something that can...
  15. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    I don't want to be rude, but this is such a typical north-american-big-box mentality... As long as the store is clean, well maintained, well stocked and caters to the right public, it should be enough. I don't understand why people here think that we need to have a massive grocery store, with...