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    Calgary | Enzo | 27m | 6s | Arlington Street | DAAS

    It's not that bad
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    General Construction Updates

    What were they doing?
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    US Politics

    It’s really no different though. Both involve texts that outline vague propositions that need to be interpreted in order to determine what specific rights and procedural obligations are contained within the Charter and s.35. It has been SCC decisions that have expanded the meaning and substance...
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    US Politics

    They are not supposed to be equal, they are supposed to act within their constitutional authority and no more. The same goes with state legislatures and division of powers between the state and federal governments. The Supreme Court's role, when it comes to rights or federalism questions, is to...
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    The other thing to add is that a good portion of inner city residential areas not coloured orange that you see on that map are still zoned for low density, semi-detatched R-2 and R-C2. This is not that big of an improvement over single family zoning, especially with how small households are...
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    Calgary Restaurant Thread

    Being a skyscraper nerd is a dangerous hobby!
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    City Parks, Rivers, and Wildlife

    Not wrong at all- they're native to northern Alberta but have been spreading throughout the province the last few decades according to the articles I've read. Hopefully they don't impact trout fisheries.
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    City Parks, Rivers, and Wildlife

    Crawfish are definitely not native to the Bow River watershed and should be reported to the provincial government alongside where you found them. They are very invasive and it's concerning you found as many as you did in the Elbow. On the other hand, gumbo anyone?
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    As I recall, the city holds title to all of the Stampede land and leases the portion of land, from roughly south of 14th ave to the Elbow, to the Stampede. The lands north of 14th, including Olympic Way, are also owned by the city.
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    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage

    No can do-- I got hit with a paywall when I went to go back and re-watch.
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    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage
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    Calgary | Park Point | 106.98m | 34s | Qualex-Landmark | IBI Group

    Don't they always do that to make it easier for the equipment and pile drivers? It also helps to not create a big morass if it rains I imagine
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    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    I think so and I don't think that number would include Neo Financial's 185 million they raised in May.
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    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage

    These are my concerns that stick out after a month reflecting on this project. In no particular order: More office space?? The risk of the heritage buildings getting torn down and the project stalling out like with what happened with the Bow South Block Zero care for restoring heritage...
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    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    I'm definitely a little worried. If the rain forecasted for alpine locations in the Bow and Elbow watershed happens we could be in trouble. I think the 2013 floods had around 200mm in Canmore and surrounding areas over two days and we are not too far off from that.