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    Toronto | 2150 Lake Shore | 215.75m | 67s | First Capital | Allies and Morrison

    eww way to ruin the logo of Electronic Arts. It's the only thing the company has produced of any quality.
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    2-6 Royal York Rd & 2663-2675 Lake Shore Blvd W (Royal Shores Inc, ?, ?)

    if they go big here, this could have a huge impact on lakeshore village (please, go big)
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    Toronto | 150 Eighth | 24.08m | 6s | K. Loffler McAlpine

    holy smokes thats certainly a change the old design looked like the ugly cap reit apartments across the street... and now magically this becomes one of the coolest looking buildings in the area lol also potentially commercial/retail? yes pleasssse
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    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    it's not really an LRT in the full sense. i made a mention of it in my post, it's the 509 harbourfront extension it will have mostly a ROW to humber bay shores and then go in mixed traffic to long branch. i don't believe they're going to use any different trains with it, either. that's why i...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    the area literally isn't served by anything everything in between exhibition station GO and long branch (queensway, lake shore) is a void of transit in the sense that you pretty much always have to go the wrong way to go the right way at a reasonable speed. i've also waited for that queensway...
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    GO Transit Electrification (Metrolinx, Proposed)

    it's more for the future they could set themselves up to massively expand the station count but are choosing not to. while it would have a higher up front cost (trains + stations), they'd be able to create very good local service on par with TTC subway on top of being a regional network. like...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    it would probably make more sense to build ontario line along the gardiner with subway length stops (so it sort of works as queensway rapid transit), have it loop into sherway to connect to future line 2 extension (underground) and then have it run north along the 427 until it hits pearson with...
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    GO Transit Electrification (Metrolinx, Proposed)

    if they achieve frequencies anywhere close to what they're suggesting (less than 10 minutes, essentially), GO will basically be an express subway service in toronto especially once electrification speeds up train departures trips being faster and more frequent is going to be a godsend.
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    Toronto | Station Square + Park Lawn Gardens | ?m | 66s | First Capital | Allies and Morrison

    shame we're soon going to have a thread for different phases, more threads to look at ;_;
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    Toronto | Ontario Line: Exhibition Station | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | HDR

    it doesn't look like they left any room for the waterfront LRT :mad:
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    350 Evans Ave (@ Kipling, ?, multiple buildings, Architecture Unfolded)

    it's mark grimes he likes everything he's the reason for humber bay shores lol now for the eventual sequel. i warned about this before... once this land starts to go there's a real chance another potentially massive city core will just suddenly pop up as all the industry just disappears...
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    Toronto | 48 Lowe's Place | 17.8m | 2s | Microsoft | WZMH

    hope this is a facility for azure
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    2749-2765 Lake Shore Blvd W (Trulife Developments, 9s, ?)

    well it no longer exists on trulife's site so assume the land has changed hands Erth homes according to their site is all about the environment so we may see some mass timber here or something. Erth only says they have a single property downtown at the moment and they are still waiting to...
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    Toronto | Quayside | ?m | ?s | Dream | David Adjaye

    we need mass timber everywhere it's so damn pleasing to look at
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    Toronto | Hurontario-Main LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    I think hurontario is highway 10 much like lake shore is highway 2 (or at least was)