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  1. Evan

    Fabulous Waterfront Luxury 2 bed/2 bath: $435,000

    Location, location, location! Luxurious 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condominium on Lake Shore Blvd in Lanterra's Neptune development. Ideal 954 sq. foot open plan layout w/upgraded features. ~ Natural hardwood in the living area ~floor to ceiling windows take advantage of east views of the...
  2. Evan

    Toronto | The Davies | 30.48m | 9s | Brandy Lane | CMV

    Does anyone know who's developing this? In my wet dreams it would be another Mizrahi masterpiece but it looks quite bland in the elevation drawing, awkward proportions aside.
  3. Evan

    Toronto | 906 Yonge Street | 113.87m | 33s | Gupta | IBI Group

    The generic budget buster design of this proposal is depressing considering it's a more upscale area. It'd be sad if the Ridpaths building wasn't preserved.
  4. Evan

    587 Avenue Road (current 4s walkup apt building for sale, proposal for 15s tower)

    15 stories is way too tall for the area. I'd rather see a tastefully done midrise.
  5. Evan

    Toronto | 906 Yonge Street | 113.87m | 33s | Gupta | IBI Group

    I'm with the nimbys on this one. The proposed design looks like the same old generic shit. Spandrel enveloped in balconies.
  6. Evan

    Toronto | The Yorkville Condominiums | 104.54m | 31s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    What a hot mess! This has got to be the ugliest condo going up in Yorkville.
  7. Evan

    Toronto | Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Toronto | 203.9m | 52s | Lifetime | a—A

    I think many including myself would consider this a failure if the fins are scrapped. cheaping out is unacceptable considering this should be Four Seasons signature international project.
  8. Evan

    Toronto | 133 Hazelton | 35.96m | 9s | Mizrahi Developments | P + S / IBI

    Nice! Crossing fingers this will get built. So refreshing to have a non-modernist addition to the nabe. This would be the first since the Hazelton.
  9. Evan

    Toronto | RBC WaterPark Place III | 140.2m | 30s | Oxford Properties | WZMH

    More cheapest psf modernist garbage. Did the developer hire an architect?
  10. Evan

    Toronto | Grand Genesis | ?m | 15s | Guizzetti | Aria

    This looks nicer than 80% of Toronto projects. I like!
  11. Evan

    Toronto | Nicholas Residences | ?m | 35s | Urban Capital | Core Architects

    Boring and cheap design. Not worth the loss imo.
  12. Evan

    Toronto | TeaHouse 501 Yonge Condominiums | 170.98m | 52s | Lanterra | a—A

    I couldn't think of a better site on yonge for a skyscraper. The current has go to go. It reminds me of some 70's lowrise you'd find in suburban Vancouver.
  13. Evan

    Toronto | Smart House | 82.6m | 25s | Urban Capital | a—A

    Oh god no, please not another poor quality glass condo with gimmicky balconies.
  14. Evan

    Toronto | B.streets Condos | 29.26m | 9s | Lindvest Properties | Hariri Pontarini

    yay! sleek brick/precase design and no spandrel walls. I like that it's traditional interlocking brick too. The massing couldn't be better for the location.
  15. Evan

    Cons of investing in Florida as a foreign investor

    I was wondering the exact same thing.