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  1. gabe

    Intercity Bus Services

    Two large cities close by, yet so poorly connected by transit. Never understood why GO, doesn't have a Guelph/K-W to Hamilton route. With the large student populations and growing tech sector...
  2. gabe

    The seemingly terminal decline of Tim Hortons

    I can't imagine how delicious those frozen pancakes and burgers heated up in warming drawers must be!
  3. gabe

    President Joe Biden's United States of America

    Wish i could have bought one of those early 19th century mansions in Delaware Park, that were going for 500k a few years back. Those houses would be at least 5 million plus in Rosedale dollars.
  4. gabe

    Restaurant Tipping Etiquette

    Agreed. A lot of the big fast-food chains like McDonald's, have strict corporate policies against accepting tips, you can be fired if you are caught accepting tips.
  5. gabe

    Restaurant Tipping Etiquette

    A lot of bars/restaurants split tips with the kitchen.. the back of house plays a large part of the food prep/cooking and serving/packaging. The take out register does not pay out tips to the back. And I can assure you if they received a tip, that person or the owner pockets it and doesn’t...
  6. gabe

    Restaurant Tipping Etiquette

    Who's actually getting the tips in cafe's and fast-food places that pay minimum wage and up? Does the cashier get it? or person cooking the food? Do they do tips outs like normal sit down restaurants? Or do all the tips go to the owners pocket? I have noticed in this post Covid world, fast...
  7. gabe

    Intercity Bus Services

    Yes. It's about time.
  8. gabe

    Toronto events and festivals

    Nuit Blanche became a drunkaplooza in recent years. With fights and out of control drunken idiots taking over the streets. i remember some exhibits got damaged by the drunken fools.
  9. gabe

    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    Move over Covid-19. Monkeypox declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization following a surge in cases.
  10. gabe

    Blue Jays

    Red Sox didn't even bother to show up to play. A routine infield pop up with three players around it, surely one of them catches the ball!🤦‍♂️
  11. gabe

    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    Not surprising! Pearson airport tops list of world's worst delays this summer.
  12. gabe

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Exhibit one against a strong mayor system: Rob Ford!!
  13. gabe

    Considering a small town to retire to in 2030-35. Recommendations?

    My friend retired and moved to Picton, but after three years he's moving back to Toronto. He misses the city life. Not everyone is cut out for small town living. Small towns are always so glorified in books and movies, but living in one can be boring and depressing, especially during the...
  14. gabe

    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    You may want to reconsider your summer travel plans if they involve flying out of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.
  15. gabe

    Blue Jays

    Montoyo is out the door!